Top 5 electrical safety tips that we should tell our kids for their safety

Electrical risks are somewhat which are freely available at our home or office. Being an adult, we are conscious of the dangers and try hard to safeguard ourselves. In some cases, we even search for emergency electrical contractors in Leeds. But when we talk about kids, this risk straightaway amplifies to the next level. Moreover, children are curious about new things and tend to touch things dangerous things. This is the reason it is important to educate kids about electrical safety at a young age. It will help them to know potential risks that can lead to

life-threatening events due to careless handling of electrical devices or related things. In this blog, we will be sharing a few tips that you should tell your kids.

1.     Cover all electrical outlets & avoid poking things into them

Many people use sharp and metallic objects like nails, keys, etc while plugging the plug into the socket or extension. This tendency can lead to a shock or even worse. So you should tell your kids to avoid such things. Moreover, you can cover the outlets with tape or cover. It will prevent your kid from poking their fingers into the socket.

2.     No kite/balloon flying near power lines

Letting a kite or balloon fly near the power line can be dangerous. The string can get tangled on those power lines and can lead to a shock or fire. Hence you should tell your kids to avoid flying kites in such a geographical setup.

3.     Avoid contacting electrical wires

Undoubtedly, electrical wires or power lines are dangerous and hence you should tell your children to stay away from these things. Many accidents have happened due to fallen electrical wires.

4.     Avoid leaving your devices plugged in overnight

There are many people who prefer to leave their chargers plugged in at night while sleeping. This can lead to overcharging and affect the performance of the device. Moreover, many accidents like fires due to a short circuit can happen in this situation. Hence, educate your kids to plug out their devices (when they are not in use) at night.

5.     Don’t use damaged wires

Damaged wires are considered the biggest threat and using them can lead to several accidents. Hence it is suggested to let your kid know this fact and tell them to stay away from worn-out wires that have fallen from an active outlet.

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