R Pearson Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) In Leeds

Monitor your property electrics with the help of EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report). R Pearson Electrical have fully qualified electricians throughout Leeds, west Yorkshire completing EICRs. With an Electrical Installation Condition Report, you can ensure that your electrics are safe and compliant.

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Different Types of Electrical Certificates

The sort of certification or report you obtain is determined by the scope and type of electrical installation work carried out.

Electrical Installation Certificates and Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates

These electrical certifications serve as proof that the new installation, change, or addition was safe to use at the time it was installed and complies with current regulations.

The Electrical Installation Certificates will indicate whether the electrical work that has been carried out is:

  • New – If a full rewire has been carried out, the entire installation has been installed as new.
  • Addition –If one or more new circuits have been added to an existing installation.
  • Alteration –When one or more existing circuits are upgraded or expanded (for example, to add a socket), or when consumer units (fuse boxes) and switching equipment are replaced.

The Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate is required for:

  • A modification to an existing circuit (without the change of the protective device)
  • An addition to a circuit that already exists (such as a new socket outlet).

This certificate verifies that the minor electrical installation work covered by it was designed, built, and tested in conformity with British Standard 7671. (IEE Wiring Regulations).

What Does an EICR Periodic Inspection Include?

An EICR, or Electrical Inspection Condition Report (also known as landlord electrical certificate), is a comprehensive examination of your property’s electrical systems and installations. The purpose of the inspection is to analyze and detect any degradation, or flaw that could put people in danger. All electrical systems and installations in residential and commercial buildings are extensively investigated in this report.

R Pearson’s Electric have fully qualified electricians who can carry out periodic testing and inspection of electrical installations which covers –

  • Inspection –Visual checks of all electrical parts like joints and Connection Conductors, Flexible Cables and Cords, Accessories and Switching Devices, fault protection, etc.
  • Testing –Interior (main system cables, electrical distribution boards) and external items (including light fittings, switches, sockets) are subjected to extensive testing.
  • Reporting – You will receive a copy of the EICR report upon completion of the periodic testing. The report will detail any defects, observed damage, deterioration and dangerous conditions. We will also provide a written quotation for remedial work needed.

If your Electrical Inspection Condition Report comes under unsatisfactory condition, then the following codes will determine the work that needs to be done in order to make your electrics completely safe –

  • C1 – ‘danger is present’, there is a chance of injury, and immediate action is required.
  • C2 – The situation is potentially perilous, and immediate action is required.
  • C3 – It is suggested that you upgrade your electrical system.

The classification code C3 is the only one that can appear on a report and pass the EICR test.

Importance for EICR For Commercial and Residential Properties

  • All new tenancies and renewals in privately rented residences will require a valid EICR.
  • Business owners need a valid EICR since they are legally responsible for the safety of their employees, customers, or tenants, and could face legal action if there is any harm caused by dangerous electrics.
  • For homeowners, it is essential for a new report to be undertaken every ten years for a privately owned property.

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