5 Top minor plumbing problems that you can’t afford to ignore

If the electrical system of a house is the backbone, then the plumbing system is the heart. Kitchens and bathrooms are nothing without the installation of a plumbing system. But when it comes to minor issues, they are easily ignored. People only care about the plumbing system when something serious happens. Otherwise, they think that these minor issues are just causing some inconvenience and can be fixed anytime. But even small plumbing problems like a dripping tap can lead to some serious problems that may require you to contact an emergency plumber in Leeds & Bradford or any other region of the UK. Today we will be discussing a few minor plumbing problems that you should not ignore in any situation.

  • Dripping faucets

We all know that a dripping tap is somewhat irritating and can cause water wastage. When we are conscious about our taps, then what about our faucets? Leaky faucets can waste a lot of water (up to 3000 gallons). When you are wasting this much water, you will be compelled to pay higher water bills. So dripping faucets are not good for the environment and your pockets.

  • Low water pressure

You may have noticed that sometimes the stream of water is like a dribble. This situation is caused due to low water pressure. It is assumed as a minor problem that does not need your immediate attention. But remember that this problem acts as an indicator of many types of serious issues, including:

  • Damaged valves/pressure regulator
  • Pipe leaks/blockages/corrosion

Your ignorance will lead to many long-term problems. So get immediate help from an experienced team as soon as possible.

  • Running toilet

Earlier, we discussed how leaky taps and faucets can lead to grave problems. Similarly, running toilets can lead to water wastage and higher water bills. Moreover, it can even lead to serious water damage in various areas, like floorboards.

  • Broken shut-off valves of faucets

If your shut-off valves are damaged, then these can lead to leakages. Such issues should be fixed as soon as possible to save water. Moreover, in case of serious plumbing issues, the first advice is to turn off these valves to stop the flow of water. But if these are broken, then solving problems like bursting pipes can become a nightmare.

  • Backed-up drains

You may have noticed that sometimes water does not flow down the drains. On a contrary, the water back up into the tub or near floor drains. This problem is a clear indicator of a mainline sewer problem. Hence, call your nearest plumber to fix it before the situation becomes worse.

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