Flat Screen TV & AV Installations and Repair in Leeds

With new technology becoming ever more advanced we find a lot of our customers are spending more on their home entertainment systems with LCD/LED TV’s many prefer to save space by wall mounting their sets. We offer a fully insured installation service for all your home AV needs including surround sound system re-wiring.

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Flat Screen TV & AV Installations in Leeds, West Yorkshire

There’s little better than relaxing in front of the television after a long day at work. People get to enjoy a great film or show in the comfort of their own home instead of going out to the cinema. If you’re getting a big screen 3D LED Television, then make sure that you get a good flat screen TV installation service as well as a top notch surround sound installation.

Let Us Help You!

  • We can provide you with flat screen TV installations
  • We can wall-mount LED, LCD and plasma flat screen televisions
  • We can also ceiling-mount or wall-mount digital projectors
  • We can provide full Dolby digital surround sound systems
  • We can meet all your AV needs, including the installation and re-wiring of surround sound systems

Charging low and reasonable prices to our customers is our strongest point. R Pearson Electrical are fully insured for providing flat screen and audio visual installation services in Leeds. R. Pearson Electrical are 100% sure that no one can meet the quality of service that they offer when it comes to AV and flat screen TV installations.

You may also like to consider other services:

  • Motorised drop-down screen
  • Music system
  • Control panels
  • Touch screen systems
  • Cat 5 connections
  • Data connections

When it comes to re-wiring or installation of electronic gadgets, it is necessary that everything is done carefully in order to prevent future problems. We, flat screen and Audio Visual Installation Leeds R. Pearson Electrical follow the national installation and wiring guides making sure that everything we do in your home is 100% safe. Be it the wall mounting or re-wiring of surround sound system, you can be 100% sure that the chance of any kind of accident including short circuit is 0%. Hire the best AV installation West Yorkshire service and you will be 100% satisfied.

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