Electrician for Fault Finding in Leeds, West Yorkshire

We troubleshoot all electrical equipment, problems are generally solved by replacing defective equipment or components. We logically and systematically analyse circuits and determine exactly what is wrong with them.

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Fault Finding

Oven stopped working without any prior warning? Fridge or freezer not working properly? No electricity in just one room of your house? It can be difficult for you to identify the source of the problem by yourself. What you need to do is contact a professional electric equipment fault finding services. This is where we come in. These are some of the fault finding services that we offer:

  • Electric equipment trouble shooting for premises of all kinds
  • Using a quality range of test equipment to identify all types of electrical faults
  • Replacing defective equipment and components
  • Analysing circuits
  • Finding exact problems in wiring and equipment of your house

Are You Experiencing Any of the Following?

  • Tripping or blowing fuses
  • Tripping of RCD (residual current device)
  • Persistent blowing of light bulbs
  • A burning plastic odour
  • Experiencing intermittent electric shocks from sockets or light switches

Finding the exact problem in the circuits and equipment can be really difficult sometimes even for expert electricians. R Pearson Electrical work very systematically and can provide an electric equipment problem solving service in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We move step by step in order to identify the exact problem. Usually the problem is solved by replacing that part in order to ensure that everything is working and is 100% safe again.

You can completely rely on our electric equipment fault finding services. We always provide potential clients with a free price quote, and when it actually comes to fixing the problems that we find during our service, we make sure that everything is replaced in accordance with the national standards of wiring and equipment installation.

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